Welcome to Sida House: A Home for Children.

Discover a haven for young people in the heart of Leicester, East Midlands—Sida House, a distinguished residential care facility by Andrusida Care. As a regulated provider of homes for young people, our top priority is the safety and welfare of our residents.

Safety and Welfare:

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At Sida House, the well-being of our residents takes precedence. As an Ofsted-regulated provider, we adhere to the highest standards of care and safety. Our experienced professionals prioritise security through robust policies, ensuring a secure and nurturing environment.

Inspiring Accommodation:

Comfort breeds well-being. Sida House provides spacious, well-equipped rooms designed to foster warmth and invitation. Carefully furnished to instill a sense of belonging and comfort, our living spaces are crucial for the stability and security young people need to thrive.

Personalised Care:

Andrusida Care

Understanding the uniqueness of each young person, our qualified staff collaborates closely to create personalised care plans. We tailor our support to individual requirements, recognising strengths, challenges, and aspirations. Our holistic approach focuses on social, emotional, educational, and physical development.

Holistic Development:

Empowering young people is our mission. We offer diverse educational, recreational, and extracurricular activities to nurture personal growth, resilience, and independence. Our well-rounded approach builds life skills, providing a strong foundation for the future.

Therapeutic Support:

Emotional well-being is paramount. Our team includes trained professionals specialising in therapeutic support. We offer counselling services, therapeutic activities, and a supportive environment to help residents express themselves and navigate challenges.

Transition Support:

As young people transition to adulthood, comprehensive support is vital. Our experienced team assists in areas such as education, employment, housing, and financial management. We aim to equip residents with life skills, knowledge, and support networks for a successful transition.

Community Engagement:

Active participation in the local community is integral to social integration. We encourage residents to engage in community-based activities, volunteer, and connect with the wider community. This enhances social skills, fosters a sense of belonging, and builds positive relationships.

Join the Sida House Family:

Dedicated to creating a home away from home, Sida House welcomes you. Our passionate team ensures each resident receives the care, support, and opportunities needed to thrive. If you seek a safe, nurturing environment for your child, contact us today. Let us work together to create a brighter future for the children and young people in our care.

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