Providing Outstanding Complex Care

Andrusida Care Limited recognises the particular obstacles that people who need complex care confront. Andrusida Care Limited strives to be a leading provider in the sector through a dedication to quality and a caring approach.

Unmatched Expertise

Andrusida Care

Andrusida Care Limited is proud of its highly experienced team of experts who have considerable knowledge and expertise in complex care. We recruit professionals with specialised expertise in a variety of medical fields, from registered nurses to therapists and support personnel. This variety of expertise guarantees that you get the best care possible, customised to your unique requirements.

Emphasis on Quality of Life

Our Complex care goes beyond medical needs to include an individual’s full well-being. Andrusida Care Limited understands the importance of preserving and increasing their customers’ quality of life. Their comprehensive approach to care emphasises not just physical care but also freedom, involvement, and social ties. We encourage people to live fulfilled lives despite their particular limitations through personalised activities and treatments.

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How we care for you:

Stoma care

Our carers can help you take care of your stoma, which is a surgically created hole that allows waste to exit your body.

Oral suctioning

Our care providers will use suction to remove fluids or foreign materials from the throat or mouth. It is useful for those who drool, have difficulty swallowing, or have decreased cough reflexes due to age or condition.

Oxygen therapy

Our carers assist in the administration of supplemental oxygen to those who have lung disorders, breathing issues, or who have trouble receiving enough oxygen for themselves.

PEG feeding

Our care providers assist you or a loved one by inserting food, medication, or fluids straight into the stomach through a PEG tube. This is done for those who have difficulty swallowing or who are unable to eat on their own.

By choosing Andrusida Care Limited, you can provide your family members with the care they deserve while offering yourself peace of mind. Choose excellence; choose Andrusida Care Limited! Experience the positive impact of our care services firsthand.