Healthcare Professionals

Are you a skilled and dedicated healthcare professional looking for new challenges? There is no need to look any further. At Andrusida Care, we specialise in matching healthcare professionals with their perfect jobs. Our organisation is dedicated to creating healthier communities by ensuring that the top healthcare talent is able to find their proper place in the industry.

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RNs (Registered Nurses)

We have roles that will allow you to demonstrate your skill and compassion, whether you are specialised in critical care, paediatrics, or any other area.


Midwives are trained healthcare professionals who provide care and support to pregnant women before, during, and after childbirth. They help monitor the health of both the mother and the baby, provide guidance on pregnancy and childbirth, and offer emotional support to expectant mothers. Midwives can work in hospitals, clinics, birthing centers, and even offer home-based care.

Mental Health Nurses

Mental health nurses are registered nurses who specialize in providing care and support to individuals experiencing mental health issues or disorders. They work in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, psychiatric units, community clinics, and rehabilitation centers. Mental health nurses assess patients’ mental health, administer medications, provide therapy, and assist in developing treatment plans.

Social Workers

In your role as a social worker, your primary responsibility will involve collaborating with individuals to discover resolutions to the challenges they face. This could encompass tasks such as safeguarding those who are susceptible to harm or mistreatment, as well as assisting individuals in maintaining their autonomy. You’ll engage not only with clients but also with their families and other relevant parties, extending your support to various client demographics, including the elderly. In your role as a social worker, you’ll have the opportunity to specialize in a specific client group.
This could entail working with individuals facing unique circumstances. Your tasks might encompass:

  • Visiting clients in various settings, including their homes or facilities like care homes, hospitals, hostels, or prisons.
  • Conducting thorough assessments of clients’ needs to understand their situations better.
  • Coordinating and organizing the necessary support systems to address clients’ challenges effectively.
  • Facilitating referrals to external services and agencies when additional assistance is required.
  • Maintaining meticulous records of your interactions, assessments, and the progress of each case.
  • Actively participating in meetings to collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders, ensuring comprehensive care and support for your clients.

Why we feel you should choose us

Our team is made up of seasoned individuals that understand the specific needs of the healthcare industry. We have the experience and connections to match you with the ideal employment whether you are a nurse, doctor, therapist, technician, or any other healthcare specialist.

Over the years, we've developed excellent working relationships with recognised healthcare facilities, clinics, hospitals, and organisations. We can present you with a varied choice of employment prospects, each tailored to your abilities and preferences, thanks to our extensive network.

We understand that your career goals are unique. Our method entails paying special attention to your goals, interests, and needs. This allows us to locate roles that match not only your qualifications but also your long-term goals.