Compassionate care for you or your loved one

We recognise that dealing with an illness may be stressful for you and your family. As a result, we provide compassionate palliative care to improve your quality of life.

What exactly is palliative care?

Andrusida Care

Palliative care is specialised medical care provided to individuals suffering from a severe illness. Palliative care is available not just to individuals reaching the end of their lives but also to those receiving treatment or managing a chronic illness. It is a comprehensive approach to care that meets the individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs as well as those of their family.

How We Care for You

At Andrusida Care, our team of professional carers collaborates with your primary care physician to create a comprehensive plan that addresses each individual’s specific requirements and preferences. Our palliative care services strive to manage symptoms, discomfort, and emotional distress while increasing the patient’s and their family’s quality of life.

 We also provide grief services to ensure that the family is supported after the death of the patient. We recognise that recovery takes time, and we are here to support and care for you at all phases of your illness.

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