Domiciliary Care Worker

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Description of the job:

Andrusida Care

You will be responsible for assisting with the daily living requirements of elderly and vulnerable clients in their own homes as a domiciliary care worker. Personal hygiene, meal preparation, medication management, and social activities will all need your assistance.

Values and characteristics:

The ideal applicant for this role should be nurturing and kind. You should have strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a drive to assist and support people. You should be adaptable and able to perform well under pressure.

Key competencies:

You should be able to work alone and accept responsibility for your own responsibilities. You should be able to efficiently manage your time to guarantee that all of the client’s demands are met. You should be able to operate successfully in a team and adapt to the client’s changing demands.

Required knowledge: 

It is preferable to have a certificate or diploma in health and social care. Medication management, first aid, and an awareness of safeguarding requirements are also required.

The following tasks are involved:

To assist with personal cleanliness, food preparation, prescription administration, appointment attendance, and motivational support.